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Patient Stories - John

John's Story

Between the ages of 17 and 19, I had two reckless accidents on a moped and a bicycle. The repairs to my leg were hasty. My parents and I were told there would be a ½ inch discrepancy. By the time I was 40 the discrepancy tripled. Even with custom-made shoes walking a few blocks was a chore and stairs were out of the question. The pain in my neck and back was becoming unbearable and my world was shrinking. Fast.

It was not until 2003 that I knew that there was a procedure available to help me. I live in Los Angeles so I started my search there and worked my way across the country meeting many doctors. I got a lot of different opinions. When I met Dr. Rozbruch I immediately knew he was the doctor for me. He instantly captured my confidence as only someone with the utmost skill and experience can.

The fact that Dr. Rozbruch is the best would have been enough for me to choose him as my doctor. Yet he has a quality I rarely find in professionals at the top of their field, particularly the medical field. He is extremely personable and highly available. Before, during and after the procedure he answered my phone calls and emails with uncanny speed. It’s hard to express how such a small thing can make such a huge difference. I felt completely connected.

The whole process took about 6 months. The first few weeks were bumpy as I got used to the frame. After that I enjoyed a surprisingly wide range of activities. I flew back and forth from LA to NY for follow-ups, I went to work, I drove a car, I even took some yoga classes – with the frame on.

Photo of John surfing

But nothing could prepare me for how radical my life would change after the frame came off. I mark time before and after my leg lengthening as my shrinking world began to blossom. I resumed activities I loved that I had long given up on like snow boarding and surfing and began new ones like yoga that were previously impossible. Little things like not having my pants and shoes custom-made made a difference. But my friends and family will say I am not the same person, I am more optimistic, productive, happier and generally more pleasant to be around. This gift of health not only transformed my life it has touched all those around me and for that I am truly grateful to Dr. Rozbruch, his staff and their work.

Profile photo of John with his parents