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Patient Stories - Suzanne

Suzanne's Story

The leg lengthening process, for me, began during the spring of 2008. I met with Dr. Rozbruch and his interns; we decided that I was an appropriate candidate; we booked the surgery. It was effortless. The office completely accommodated my timing needs, and the first surgery took place in July.

During the 10 weeks that I wore the external fixator, I met with Dr. Rozbruch regularly. I came to look forward to my appointments. The members of his staff are very compassionate. And, Dr. Rozbruch’s manner combines professionalism and caring in just the proper balance. He and his PA were always a keytouch away, responding with wonderful immediacy whenever I had a question. The whole experience was a fantastic physical and emotional journey. My right leg had been two inches shorter than my left for 30 years. Day by day, millimeter by millimeter, I evened them. By mid-September, my legs were the same length. Once again, the office worked with me so that I could schedule the second surgery at a time that accommodated my family’s lifestyle.

All in all, the procedure took six months. Dr. Rozbruch and his staff made the experience surprisingly easy, if not pleasant. Everything that could have gone right did. Words cannot adequately describe the difference my leg lengthening has made in my life. Leave it to say that I feel like a new person; I have more confidence and stand taller (no pun intended). I also spend a lot of time shopping for shoes.

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