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Patient Stories - Ingrid

Ingrid's Story

Photo of Ingrid during treatmentAs we approach my one year anniversary of the final removal of my "leg jewelry", I want to tell you how absolutely thrilled I am with my new legs. Not a single day passes that I don't think about how different I feel and I am so grateful.

I go to the gym 3 to 4 times a week, I can climb the stairs (and go down) without holding onto the banisters and I no longer am self conscious when crossing the street, thinking that people are staring at my bent leg. I swam laps this summer, which I could never do before because of the angle of my leg and my legs hardly ever hurt at the end of day. I even wear heels now and can run around a little with the kids. Who knows what's next!

Photo of Ingrid post surgeryYou've REALLY made a difference in my life. Life is good. I hope you are doing equally as well and I promise that I will make an appointment to see you and your staff so I can tell you all in person how great I'm doing.