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The Best in Manhattan for Knee Replacement
Number One in New York for Joint Replacement

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A Look Into Our Culture

Hospital for Special Surgery is America’s leading specialty hospital devoted to orthopedics and rheumatology. Every doctor, surgeon, scientist, nurse, and therapist at HSS is a specialist in caring for orthopedic patients. Collectively, we have treated the most complex cases imaginable. And every day, these experts have just one goal: providing the world’s best medical care for patients like you.

World-class hospital, world-class environment

operating room

Because HSS is a specialty hospital, every aspect of your orthopedic patient experience has been designed to create the best possible orthopedic surgery outcome. Our orthopedic operating rooms are as specialized as the world-famous surgeons who use them.

Joint replacement surgeons perform surgeries within special enclosures in the operating room to maintain the strictest sterile environment. A high-tech air filtration system, designed especially for surgery, constantly cleanses and replenishes the air and directs the air flow away from the operation to further reduce infection risk. These important details were specified by the hospital’s surgeons to help them provide the best possible results for every single one of our patients.

Lower infection rates and unsurpassed surgical volume

Surgeries that are rare
at other hospitals
are routine at HSS

No other hospital in the state has a lower surgical site infection rate for hip replacement than HSS. Of the 169 hospitals included in the most recent New York State Department of Health report, only HSS had a statistically lower surgical site infection rate than the state average of 1.3 percent for hip replacement. Hospitals that performed the highest number of hip replacement procedures had the lowest infection rates, according to the report. And, no hospital in the world performs more joint replacement surgeries than Hospital for Special Surgery.

We are truly experts at what we do. Medical evidence has long shown that the more you do something, the better you get. Our specialists perform an unsurpassed number of procedures, so that surgeries that are rare at other hospitals are routine at HSS. Learn more about the quality of care at HSS.

Get treated right the first time

There are not many things more frustrating than making the difficult decision to have surgery only to receive less than stellar results. Our physicians make things right for many patients that find their way to us. Patients travel to HSS from around the world to receive the best care possible.

Advanced pain management and rapid rehabilitation

Anesthesiologists at Hospital for Special Surgery have dedicated themselves to perfecting the art and science of regional anesthesia.

Regional anesthetics have been associated with less post-operative pain and less nausea. More importantly, a lower incidence of blood clots, reduced blood loss, and a minimized stress response by the body have also been reported, which results in quicker recovery times. 

Together with our nursing specialists, relieving pain is at the core of our practice at each level of care, including our Interventional Pain Management Division, Acute Pain Service, and Recuperative Pain Medicine Service. This standard is supported by our continued 99th percentile ranking across all peer groups in pain management satisfaction.

Our orthopedic rehabilitation specialists actually wrote the professional manual on the gold standards of orthopedic surgery rehabilitation. Often, the hospital’s proprietary Rapid Recovery program begins just hours after you’re wheeled out of the recovery room. Every PT at the hospital has advanced expert training in specific orthopedic recovery procedures, and our Magnet-recognized nurses are specialized in caring for musculoskeletal patients.

Advances in treatments and techniques happen here first

HSS is a collaborative community of experts, empowered by world-class technology, so the hospital can make significant scientific breakthroughs and swiftly translate them to clinical treatments. Advancements that happened here first include the modern artificial knee replacement design and the development of smaller instruments, surgical techniques, and regional anesthesia blocks allowing minimally invasive hip replacement.

Our patients recommend us to friends and family

Our #1 ranking as the Best Hospital for Orthopedics in the nation by U.S. News & World Report speaks to the fact that peers across the nation recommend HSS for their complex cases. Not only do specialists send us their patients, but our patients say wonderful things to friends and family about the care they received. Consistently, year after year, Hospital for Special Surgery ranks in the highest category of overall patient satisfaction in the Press Ganey nationwide survey.

Nationally, when benchmarked against other hospitals across the nation, HSS ranked in the 99th percentile for overall patient satisfaction and likelihood to recommend to others.

Here are some testimonials from past patients who are so glad they chose the experts at Hospital for Special Surgery, they wrote to us directly to let us know.

Understand your benefits and make an appointment

You may not be aware that HSS accepts most major insurance plans, as do physicians within each specialty. If you have questions about your health care coverage and benefits, call and discuss them with our Insurance Advisory Service.

If a physician does not participate with your particular insurance plan, you still may have coverage subject to the availability of 'out-of-network' benefits. Please do not hesitate to contact the individual physician's office if you have questions regarding your insurance coverage.

To find the expert surgeon or doctor right for you, call HSS Physician Referral at 877.606.1555. Or complete an online form for Physician Referral to call you.

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