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The Musculoskeletal Repair and Regeneration Core Center

The Musculoskeletal Repair and Regeneration Core Center (MRRCC) was an NIH funded center dedicated to providing services to investigators interested in musculoskeletal research, with special emphasis on repair and regeneration of cartilage and other soft tissues and bone. It is currently run as a fee-for-service center by the Research Division. The Core Center consists of three Research Cores: Analytical Microscopy, Musculoskeletal Imaging, and Mechanical and Material Assessment.

Each core is under the leadership of a core director and co-director with one or more affiliated core committees. The core committees serve advisory functions to both the core director and the core users, provide a mechanism for liaison between research base investigators and clinician scientists, and assist in quality control.

Core use is open to all investigators. Priority in each core is given, sequentially to:

  1. Members of the Research Division who are NIH or Federally funded
  2. Members of the HSS/Cornell complex carrying out projects related to the theme of the core center with federal funding
  3. Other NIH funded investigators
  4. Internal Research
  5. External research

Please see the links to specific cores for fees or contract the core director or core technician for scheduling information.