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Perioperative Medicine

Perioperative Medicine

Optimizing the health of surgical patients

Perioperative Medicine is a newly emerging field of medicine that focuses on optimizing the health of patients who are planning to undergo surgery and providing medical care for those patients following surgery.

As part of an institution-wide commitment to ensuring the best possible outcomes for surgical patients, the Division of Perioperative Medicine was created within the Department of Medicine of Hospital for Special Surgery. The goals of the Division are to focus on patient care, education, and research.

Image - patient care
Patient Care

A comprehensive plan is created by a member of the Perioperative care team based on the specific needs of every patient.

Image - patient education
Patient Education

The Perioperative team is dedicated to addressing any and all of your questions and concerns related to surgery.

Image - perioperative medicine research

Research in the Perioperative Division is focused on patient outcomes.


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