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Limb Salvage and Amputation Reconstruction Center

Limb Salvage and Amputation Reconstruction Center

Integrated care for patients who have lost limbs or those at risk of losing limbs

Our mission is to provide optimal care and achieve the highest level of function and mobility for our patients.


This specialty center of excellence at Hospital for Special Surgery offers integrated care for the patient faced with a limb at risk or after having already undergone amputation surgery. Orthopedic surgeons work intimately with other key professionals including certified prosthetists, physical therapists, patient counselors, and psychologists to offer state of the art treatment to our patients. Other physicians specializing in infectious disease, vascular surgery, plastic surgery, and pain management are consulted as needed.  The Motion Analysis Lab is used for diagnostic purposes, evaluation of outcomes, and clinical and translational research. Patient centered clinical research will help us further advance the care of the individual with a severely compromised limb.

LSARC Patient Treatment Diagram

  • Orthopedic Surgeons: doctors who specialize in limb salvage surgery and amputation reconstruction surgery. We will evaluate and work with you to determine the best treatment approach.
  • Prosthetics and Orthotics: Professionals will build the best device to help you reach your maximum mobility. You will get fitted with a state of the art prosthesis or orthosis.
  • Patient Counselors: These individuals are high level functioning amputees with great experience and perspective who will provide support and advice. They run group programs and amputee walking schools.
  • Psychologist: At this stressful time, psychological support is helpful to help you navigate this treatment program.

Are you a candidate for our services?

Image - Patient in Motion Analysis lab
Limb at Risk

If you have a limb at risk from infection, bone loss, soft-tissue compromise related to trauma, tumor reconstruction, or peripheral vascular disease, we will determine if you are a candidate for limb salvage surgery or amputation reconstruction surgery. Our surgeons are experts in both limb salvage surgery and amputation reconstruction: they will guide you toward the best approach for your needs. After surgery, you will get support and services at HSS.

Image - Patient with prosthetic leg

If you have already had an amputation, we will provide the support you need. This includes prosthetic fitting, physical therapy, psychological support, and the expertise of patient counselors. These counselors are themselves amputees who run walking schools, support groups, and offer individual counseling. If you had an amputation surgery at a different hospital and are having difficulties, we will evaluate you to determine the root of the problem and offer to you the best solution.


Featured Videos

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Image - video of osseointegration patient Randy

Dr. Rozbruch presents a case of osseointegration amputation reconstruction surgery on patient Randy.

Image - Osseointegration video thumbnail

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3-part series following Gabrielle's talus replacement and eventual ankle fusion.

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Follow Jose's journey after he nearly lost his leg in a serious motorcycle accident.


Patient Stories

Don’t take our word for it – see the pictures and read the stories shared directly by our patients. Some are candid and emotional, while others are funny and lighthearted — all are truly inspiring.