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As the Official Hospital of the New York Mets and five other professional sports teams in the New York area, our specialists treat hundreds of elite and professional athletes each year, as well as your everyday athlete. 

Common baseball injuries

Baseball and softball players at any level of competition may experience a range of arm-related injuries involving the shoulder, elbow, hand or wrist. This is due to overuse caused by repetitive throwing, bat swinging and even catching balls at high speeds.

Because baseball/softball players (particularly pitchers) are especially prone to shoulder irritation, rehabilitation exercises specific to throwers, a reduced amount of throwing and improved throwing mechanics are recommended to help manage the pain.

Baseball Infographic about staying safe during the season, listing the common injuries and a prevention tip.


Like baseball/softball players, overhead athletes (i.e. volleyball, tennis and water polo players) are also apt to experience shoulder injuries triggered by repetitive movements. Rest, proper conditioning and solid mechanics may aid in controlling short-term soreness or discomfort; however, persistent pain may signal a more serious condition that requires surgery, such as shoulder instability or a bad tear.

Video: Johan Santana - a pitcher’s return

Sports Medicine and the Major Leagues follows the NY Mets star player’s story from surgery to his return to play.

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