Rheumatology Research Highlights

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Lionel Ivashkiv, MD research highlight
Synergistic Activation of Inflammatory Cytokine Genes May Suggest New Therapeutic Approaches

Featuring Yu Qiao, PhD; Eugenia G. Giannopoulou, PhD; Chun Hin Chan; Sung-ho Park; Shiaoching Gong; Janice Chen; Xiaoyu Hu, MD, PhD; Olivier Elemento, PhD; Lionel B. Ivashkiv, MD

Alessandra Pernis, MD, Enhanced ROCK Activation in Lupus
Enhanced Rho-Associated Protein Kinase Activation in Patients with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

Featuring Josephine Isgro, MD; Sanjay Gupta, PhD; Elzbieta Jacek, BA; Tanya Pavri, BA; Roland Duculan, MD; Mimi Kim, ScD; Kyriakos A. Kirou, MD, ScD; Jane E. Salmon, MD; Alessandra B. Pernis, MD

Lisa Mandl, MD
Increased Rates of Arthroplasty in Patients with SLE Seen Over a Fifteen-Year Period

Featuring Christina Mertelsmann-Voss, MD; Stephen Lyman, PhD; Ting Jung Pan, MPH; Susan Goodman, MD; Mark P. Figgie, MD; Lisa Mandl, MD MPH

Susan Goodman, MD
DMARD Therapy Associated with More Optimistic Expectations in RA Patients Undergoing TKA

Featuring Susan M. Goodman, MD; Lisa A. Mandl, MD, MPH; Mark P. Figgie, MD; Beverly K. Johnson, MD, MS; Michael Alexiades, MD; Hassan Ghomrawi, PhD, MPH

Managing Pregnant Patients with Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome: Risk Stratification May Help Refine Treatment Recommendations

Featuring Michael D. Lockshin, MD

Doruk Erkan, MD
Catastrophic Antiphospholipid Syndrome: Diagnosing a Rare but Highly Fatal Disease

Featuring Cassyanne L. Aguiar, MD; Doruk Erkan, MD

Nancy Pan Research highlights
Surges in Anti-dsDNA Can Predict Severe Flares in SLE

Featuring Nancy Pan, MD; Isabelle Amigues, MD; Stephen Lyman, PhD; Roland Duculan, MD; Faisal Aziz, MD; Mary K. Crow, MD; Kyriakos A. Kirou, MD

Inflammatory Arthritis
Synovial Fibroblasts Modulate Macrophage Function in Joint Inflammation

Featuring Laura T. Donlin, PhD; Arundathi Jayatilleke, MD; Eugenia G. Giannopoulou, PhD; George D. Kalliolias, MD, PhD; Lionel B. Ivashkiv, MD

Jessica Berman, MD
Doctors Using Excessive Medical Jargon Can Seem Unprofessional to Patients

Featuring Theodore R. Fields, MD; Anne R. Bass, MD; Juliet Aizer, MD, MPH; Stephen A. Paget, MD; Jessica Berman, MD

Carl P. Blobel, MD, PhD
ADAM17 Controls Cellular Signaling in Key Process of New Bone Growth

Featuring Katherine C. Hall; Daniel Hill; Miguel Otero, PhD; Darren A. Plumb, PhD; Dara Froemel, MD; Cecilia L. Dragomir, MD; Thorsten Maretzky, PhD; Adele Boskey, PhD; Licia Selleri, MD, PhD; Mary B. Goldring, PhD; Carl P. Blobel, MD, PhD

Carl P. Blobel, MD, PhD and Lionel B. Ivashkiv, MD
iRHOM2 is a Critical Pathogenic Mediator of Inflammatory Arthritis

Featuring Priya Darshinee A. Issuree, PhD; Thorsten Maretzky, PhD; Xiaoping Qing, MD, PhD; Steven L. Swendeman, PhD; Kyung-Hyun Park-Min, MD; Nikolaus Binder, PhD; George D. Kalliolias, MD, PhD; Anna Yarilina, PhD; Lionel B. Ivashkiv, MD; Jane E. Salmon, MD; Carl P. Blobel, MD, PhD

Thomas Lehman, MD lupus research
Male Children With Higher SLE Disease Activity in a US Cohort

Featuring Thomas J. A. Lehman, MD; Margaret Peterson, PhD; Alexa B. Adams, MD

Vivian P. Bykerk, Timely, Effective Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis Reduces Disability Two Years Out
Timely, Effective Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis Reduces Disability Two Years Out

Featuring Vivian P. Bykerk, MD; Pooneh Akhavan, MD, FRCPC; Edward C. Keystone, MD, FRCPC; Juan Xiong, PhD; Bindee Kuriya, MD, FRCPC, MSc; Janet E Pope, MD, MPH, FRCPC; Gilles Boire, MD, MSc; Diane Tin, BPharm; Boulos Haraoui, MD, FRCPC; Carol A. Hitchon, MD

Alessandra Pernis, MD, Enhanced ROCK Activation in Lupus
Enhanced ROCK Activation in Lupus

Featuring Alessandra B. Pernis, MD; Josephine Isgro, MD; Sanjay Gupta, MD; Elzbieta Jacek; Tanya Pavri; Roland Duculan, MD; Kyriakos A. Kirou, MD; Jane E. Salmon, MD

Social Isolation Increases the Risk of Persistent Pain After Hip Replacement

Featuring Danielle Ramsden-Stein, MD; Susan M. Goodman, MD; Michael M. Alexiades, MD; Wei-Ti Huang, MS; Rebecca Zhu; Mark P. Figgie, MD; Lisa A. Mandl, MD, MPH

Jane Salmon, MD
Adverse Pregnancy Outcome in Lupus Pregnancies Associated with Angiogenic Factor Dysregulation

Featuring Jane E. Salmon, MD; Michael D. Lockshin, MD; Lisa R. Sammaritano, MD; Marta M. Guerra, MS

Robert F. Spiera, MD
Rituximab Shown Effective for Ear, Nose, and Throat Manifestations of GPA

Featuring Lindsay S. Lally, MD; Robert Lebovics, MD; Wei-Ti Huang, MS; Robert F. Spiera, MD

Susan Goodman, MD
First Large Outcomes Studies to Focus on Joint Replacements for Patients with Psoriatic Arthritis

Featuring Lisa A. Mandl, MD, MPH; Rebecca Zhul; Wei-Ti Huang, MS; Michael M. Alexiades, MD; Mark P. Figgie, MD; Susan M. Goodman, MD

Kyriakos Kirou, MD
High Type I Interferon in SLE Plasma Predicts Future Renal Disease

Featuring Mikhail Olferiev, MD; Elzbieta E. Jacek; Mari Lliguicota; Margaret Robotham; Wei-Ti Huang, MS; Elena Gkrouzman, MD; Mary K. Crow, MD; Kyriakos A. Kirou, MD, DSc

Steven R. Goldring, MD
New Discovery in Bone: The Protein Netrin1 is Required for Osteoclast Differentiation

Featuring P. Edward Purdue, PhD; Steven R. Goldring, MD

Jane Salmon, MD
Stimulating Cholinergic Neurotransmitter Receptors Modulates Inflammation in Lupus

Featuring Milena Vukelic, MD; Xiaoping Qing, MD, PhD; Patricia Redecha; Gloria Koo, PhD; Jane E. Salmon, MD

Ann Bass, MD
The Effect of Statin Therapy on the Risk of Blood Clots After Hip or Knee Arthroplasty

Featuring Yuo-Yu Lee; Stephen Lyman, PhD; Geoffrey H. Westrich, MD; Brian F. Gage, MD, MSc; Anne R. Bass, MD