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Rheumatology Division for Professionals

Professional Education Opportunities

HSS is dedicated to the continued education of its faculty and staff. Through CME programs, funded grants, and fellowship training, the HSS Academy of Rheumatology Medical Educators has created multiple opportunities for teachers and trainees to enhance their knowledge of rheumatologic diagnosis and treatment therefore contributing to the overall quality of excellence delivered at HSS.

HSS Academy of Rheumatology Medical Educators

The Academy aims to create a stimulating academic educational environment that elevates the quality of teaching throughout the division and promotes teaching careers and education research.

High priority is given to the support of career development for members of the HSS Division of Rheumatology who commit their academic activities to the advancement of medical education, education research, curriculum development, and a general elevation of the teaching skills of all faculty members.

These aims:

  • Foster collegiality and the sharing of ideas on teaching and education.
  • Stimulate the creation of innovative teaching enrichment programs and curricula.
  • Enhance the career development of clinician-scholar-educators.
  • Develop an atmosphere of scientific rigor and science directed at improving teaching effectiveness and curricula.
  • Fund innovative projects.

Continuing Medical Education Programs (CME)

HSS offers a wide range of on-site professional and CME programs, including accredited and non accredited professional education program offerings, CME credit transcripts, online educational resources, and activity director resources.

Resident and Medical Student Evaluation

Medical residents and medical students can apply to take part in an elective, month-long rotation in rheumatology to gain basic understanding of rheumatologic diagnosis and treatment.

Fellowship Training

The Rheumatology Fellowship Program is designed for training physicians interested in developing academic and clinical careers in rheumatology. This three-year program combines a broad-based and in-depth clinical and research experience supporting the Rheumatology department’s mission of delivering the highest quality academic training for rheumatology professionals.