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Call for 2015 Academy Innovative Education Grant Applications

The Academy Innovative Grants Funding program provides grants to serve as an impetus for the development of new teaching programs and promote curricular change through the promotion of new or improved opportunities for teaching and learning. Grants of up to $50,000 a year may be awarded to applications with merit that meet the following funding priorities:

Funding Priorities

  • Innovative teaching strategies or course curricula
  • Relevant assessment tools for learners
  • Integration of digital technologies and asynchronous learning into the curriculum
  • Development of educational models incorporating engagement with a broader community
  • Multi-disciplinary (or inter-professional) education and teamwork

Important Dates

  • Letter of intent to apply, due no later than: January 27, 2015
  • Response to letter of intent distributed to applicants: February 10, 2015
  • Grant Application due: March 24, 2015 
  • Notification of grant awards: May 26, 2015
  • Funding commences: July 1, 2015

Applications and Submission Process

Applications must be submitted in an electronic format (one PDF document preferred) to Stephen Paget, MD (pagets@hss.edu) and must include the following:

1. Cover page

  • Name of applicant(s) and institution, department
  • Project title
  • Contact information for the principal investigator (name, address, phone, fax, email)
  • Institutional officer to whom the payment will be made (name, address, phone, fax, email)

2. Proposal Outline - Should be no longer than 5 pages and include the following sections:

  • Background
    • Statement of the problem
    • Significance of the need
  • Goals and Objectives
  • Methods
    • Describe the participants
    • Describe the proposed activities and timeline (12 months)
  • Evaluation
    • Describe the assessment methods and expected outcomes
    • Describe the metrics for evaluating the success of the project\
  • Impact on Medical Education

3. Budget - Please include itemized costs and the justification for the anticipated budget.

4. CV or Teaching Portfolio

5. Letter(s) of Support - Required letter of support from the Chair of the Department at minimum and any other key course or program directors affected.

Progress Reports and Presentations

Those receiving Funding from the Academy will be expected to submit a 6 month update in writing. An oral presentation at Academy Day which takes place every May is expected of all recipients. Please inform the Academy of any publications resulting from funded scholarship.

Successful applicants at the end of the first year may reapply for one additional year of funding.

Information and Inquiries

For more information about the HSS Academy of Medical Educators 2015 Innovative Grants Funding Program, contact Stephen Paget at pagets@hss.edu or 212.606.1845 or visit us online.