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HSS Academy of Rheumatology Medical Educators Grant List 2012-2020


  • Ethics Course in Fostering Medical Professionalism – Ronald MacKenzie
  • Rheumatology Fellows’ Epidemiology Curriculum – Juliet Aizer
  • Promoting Adult Learning Among Academic Trainees: Continued Pedagogic Optimization of Rheumatology Fellows’ Epidemiology Journal Club – Lisa Mandl
  • Comprehensive Musculoskeletal Exam Curriculum for the Inflammatory Arthritis Clinic – Vivian Bykerk
  • The Nurse - Physician Relationship: Inter-professional Orientation – Dordie Moriel
  • HSS Nursing Community Education Initiative - Patricia Quinlan
  • Pilot Study of a Multidisciplinary Gout Patient Education and Monitoring Program: Finding the Optimal Team for Gout Management – Theodore Fields
  • Integration of Widefield Capillary Microscopy and Dermoscopy into the Rheumatology Fellows Scleroderma Clinic Curriculum – Jessica Gordon
  • Focused Assessed Transthoracic Echocardiography (FATE): An Innovative Educational Curriculum for Anesthesiology Residents and Fellows – Stephen Haskins
  • Effect of Change in Pedagogic Technique in an Established Curriculum – Edward Parrish


  • Antiphospholipid Syndrome iBook for Medical Students and Residents – Doruk Erkan
  • Critical Literature Assessment Skill Support for Rheumatology (HSS CLASS-Rheum®) – Juliet Aizer and Lisa Mandl
  • Lupus Smartphone App for Patients – Alana Levine
  • Novel Ultrasound Teaching Methods: A Curriculum of Didactic and Practical Learning – Jessica Berman


  • Development and Validation of an Instrument to Support Teaching and Assessment of Knowledge and Skills in Critical Appraisal of Medical Literature – Juliet Aizer
  • An Annual Rheumatology Objective Structured Clinical Examination (ROSCE) for Fellowship Trainees: Difficult Patient Scenarios to Test Professionalism – Jessica Berman
  • An Annual NYC Inter-institutional Rheumatology Objective Structured Clinical Examination (ROSCE) Using Inter-Professional Evaluators Provides a Unique 360-degree Assessment of Trainee Professionalism – Jessica Berman


  • Optimizing Mentorship for Research Mentors – Carol Mancuso
  • The Professional Development Impacts of the Adult Learning and Leadership Program for Medical Educators: Implications for Design – Juliet Aizer