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Charla de Lupus (Lupus Chat)®

Charla Publications

For Inquiring Teens with Lupus: Our Thought, Issues & Concerns

This 20-page booklet was written by a young woman diagnosed with lupus as a teen and takes into account some of the specific issues, both medical and psychosocial, relevant to adolescents who are living with lupus. A list of resources for teens with lupus is also included.

Publications are available in English, Chinese, and Spanish.

Our program provides materials in both English and Spanish to help people better understand and cope with lupus and to share with family, friends and loved ones. These materials can also be used by community organizations to spread awareness about lupus.

If you would like to request hard copies of our materials, please fill out the following form: Materials Request Form (pdf). Fax completed forms to 212.774.2333 or email the form to charla@hss.edu.

For more information:

Tel: 212.606.1958
866.812.4494 (toll-free)