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Charla de Lupus (Lupus Chat)®

Charla Support Line

Do you want to speak with someone else with lupus from the comfort of your own home who you can share your experiences and stories with?

Call the Charla Line!

The Charla Line is a free telephone support and education service for people with lupus and their loved ones offered in English and Spanish. The Charla Line has trained peer volunteers (a person affected by lupus) who can provide support and education to children, teens and adults living with lupus as well as family members, through its toll free number.

Lillian Mendez
Senior Program Associate 1
866.812.4494 (toll-free)

In Our Member's Own Words

As one Charla client said, “It’s really amazing connecting with someone else who has lupus…my peer health educator explained the illness to me in words I would understand.”