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  • Image - Charla de Lupus Events

Charla de Lupus (Lupus Chat)®

Charla de Lupus (Lupus Chat)®

  • Arlety's Story

    Arlety's story

    I was diagnosed with Lupus Nephritis at the age of 19 on August 2009. Before my diagnosis, I was young, vibrant and always full of energy. One morning I came into work and one of my eyes was swollen. This was one of the first symptoms that emerged from lupus.

  • Marina's Story

    Marina's story

    After being in and out of the hospital for a month, my diagnosis was made: I had systemic lupus combined with a very rare blood disorder called Evan’s syndrome. The reality of going from healthy to sick didn’t hit me; I wasn’t feeling any emotion. I went from 17 years without taking a pill to now being required to take several pills a day.

  • Marielin's Story

    Marielin's story

    I was diagnosed with lupus when I was 19 years old. It was 1997, my second semester of my freshman year of college. Unlike most people who go undiagnosed for years, I was diagnosed right away. "You have a mild case of lupus," the doctor said. "Lupus is a chronic illness. There is no cure for lupus." One of my first thoughts was, "Am I going to die?"

Charla de Lupus (Lupus Chat)® is a unique national program offering people with lupus and their families peer health support and education in both English and Spanish since 1994. This program specifically seeks to reach Latinos/Hispanics and African Americans with lupus and their families.

Our Mission:

To empower and enhance the quality of life for people with lupus and in most cases by people with lupus through peers providing culturally relevant education and support – with an emphasis on Spanish-speaking communities.

Our Goals:

  • Increase understanding and knowledge about lupus for people with lupus, their families, and the community
  • Promote health directed behaviors
  • Support effective coping strategies
  • Enhance access to services for clients and peer volunteers