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Academy Innovative Grants Program

The Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) Academy of Rheumatology Medical Educators wishes to provide clinician scholar educators opportunities for funding similar to those which exist for basic, clinical and translational researchers. Doing so raises the importance of education scholarship to a level of equal importance.

Education scholarship is supported through grants to those interested in education research. Annual grants aimed at the development of new teaching programs and curricular change may receive up to $50,000/grant through a competitive annual process.

To date over $954,045 in funding has been awarded to scholars from (see list of Grants Awarded).

Funding Priorities

Priorities for funding include the following areas:

  1. Teaching strategies involving multiple levels of learners
  2. Unique assessment tools for learners
  3. Integration of innovative technologies and asynchronous learning into the curriculum
  4. Patient-centered preventative care

Our Scholars

During the time of the grant the recipients have produced a large amount of education scholarship, including national meeting abstracts, oral presentations, publications in peer-reviewed journals, enduring curricula and digital learning tools.

Recipients have recognized many benefits to their careers following the grant including increased recognition as an educator scholar, teaching awards, additional time for research activities, additional education degrees and certifications and promotions or other grants awarded.

Information and Inquiries

For more information about the HSS Academy of Medical Educators, contact Stephen Paget at pagets@hss.edu or 212.606.1845 or Jessica Berman, MD at bermanj@hss.edu or visit us online.