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The James M. Benson Sports Rehabilitation Center and Tisch Sports Performance Center specialize in the treatment and prevention of orthopedic and sports-related injuries, and offer the most advanced performance services available today.

HSS Sports Rehabilitation and Performance brings together clinical expertise, training, modern equipment and focused, results-driven methods. Our team is certified in a range of specialties, including Sports Physical Therapy, Exercise Physiology, and Athletic Training. Features include AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill and Biodex Isokinetic System.

Physical Therapy

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  • Direct access physical therapy: no prescription required
  • Sports physical therapy
  • Blood flow restriction
  • Class IV laser therapy
  • Graston Technique® (GT) therapy

Aquatics Therapy

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Practicing therapy in the water decreases the pressure on your joints and spine, can help decrease swelling, and support your body as you  focus on regaining strength and joint range of motion. Our center features both a SwimEx physical therapy pool and an AquaCiser underwater treadmill, and all care is delivered by clinicians who have achieved their certificate of clinical competency in Aquatic Physical Therapy (CAPTCC).


Performance, Nutrition, and Massage

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HSS Sports Rehabilitation and Performance can benefit:

  • Individuals who have completed physical therapy and want to continue their progress in a supervised, supportive environment
  • Athletes of all levels striving to reach their ultimate performance goals while reducing the risk of sports-related injuries. Sports specific services are available for runners, golfers, cyclists, tennis players, baseball players, and overhead athletes.
  • Anyone who wants to increase their overall fitness using the safest and most advanced performance testing and training techniques

HSS Sports Rehabilitation and Performance services also include:

Sports Specific Evaluation

How’s your form? Are you in the right shoes? Is your running form putting you at risk for injury? Our experts specializing in runners’ injuries and running form will assess your strength, flexibility, dynamic movement patterns, and perform gait analysis using video capture technology. A comprehensive report highlighting relevant findings and personalized recommendations are provided.

A comprehensive analysis including:

  • Movement screen or musculoskeletal evaluation to identify any flexibility or strength limitations that may impact your swing
  • Video analysis of swing mechanics using video capture technology
  • Comprehensive report highlighting relevant findings and personalized recommendations to make swing improvements

The overhead musculoskeletal screen is for overhead athletes of all ages and abilities, including baseball, softball, lacrosse, tennis, and volleyball players. The screen includes assessments of:

  • Range of motion, flexibility, and strength
  • Sports specific movement
  • Power and endurance

The video analysis for baseball pitchers offers everything included in the overhead athlete screen, plus:

  • Video analysis of pitching off the mound
  • Snap shots of key positions with mechanics analysis
  • Feedback on mechanics as it relates to injury prevention
  • Individual corrective exercises and program to address impairments

Bike fitting is the science and art of adjusting the geometry of a bike to maximize both the power output and comfort of the cyclist. Individualized adjustments can be made for bikers with joint replacements, disabilities, or other special needs.

In-depth analysis to identify movement mechanics or fitness limitations that athletes can modify through training to minimize injury risk and improve their performance. Performed by a specially trained physical therapist and strength and conditioning specialist, the analysis includes a comprehensive musculoskeletal exam and functional testing. A personal plan is provided to address any issues identified.

Sports Training and Nutrition

A thorough evaluation of overall fitness including body composition, strength, flexibility, and static and dynamic postural alignment. This information can be used to create a personalized blueprint for training, taking into account your strengths, limitations, goals, age, medical and orthopedic history and current level of training.

One-on-one training sessions available based on standard assessments or sport-specific assessments to improve performance, reduce risk of injury, and develop an individualized training plan.

Comprehensive assessments with nutrition action plan, and follow-ups for: weight management, sports nutrition, endurance fueling plans, anti-inflammatory/recovery, or GI symptoms or deficiencies related to training and competition. Follow up packages are available at a discount.

Sports Science Testing

Lower body assessment designed to identify biomechanics, movement patterns, and imbalances that may predispose the athlete to injury and/ or compromise performance. Ideal for injury prevention or aiding in the return to sport decision making process. The QMA  includes:

  • A comprehensive intake: mechanism of injury, current status, treatment to date and goals
  • Musculoskeletal assessment
  • Video analysis of selected movement patterns using video capture technology
  • Comprehensive report provided to guide the athlete’s training

A metabolic profile can provide the key information needed for an individualized endurance training program. Metabolic testing options include: VO2 Max, Lactate Profile and Metabolic Efficiency Profile.

Scientific analysis of power output – useful information for athletes where power production or explosiveness counts.

For clients trying to lose or gain weight, or who want to design an individualized nutrition plan. RMR is measured in a rested, fasting state to obtain the most accurate representation of the minimum amount of calories your body requires to function.

The Caloric Expenditure Profile measures the number of calories burned at various intensities of exercise. The number of calories burned from fat versus carbohydrate stores is also measured. This information is useful for planning fueling for endurance events and for establishing training zones. 

The gold standard for body composition analysis, this scan accurately measures body fat, bone density and muscle mass.

Myofascial Targeted Services

Therapists experienced in treating chronic pain, perioperative conditions, sports or traumatic injuries, arthritis, scoliosis, and other pathological conditions, as well as enhancing sports performance.

Self-myofascial release technique for the foot and hand using balls of different sizes and densities. Good for recurring soft tissue issues. Price includes kit and 30-minute instruction.


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