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HSS Running Mechanics Analysis is an assessment of biomechanics using video analysis to identify factors leading to performance deficits and injury risk in runners or triathletes of any age or skill level. This information can then be used to reduce risk of injury and/or improve performance. 

This comprehensive analysis includes:

  • Musculoskeletal assessment to identify any flexibility or strength limitations that may impact your running form
  • Video analysis of running mechanics
  • Comprehensive report highlighting relevant findings and personalized recommendations to make improvements

This analysis can benefit any runner, whether an endurance athlete or team sport athlete.

Benefits include:

  • Reduce the risk of injury and performance deficits
  • Improve running mechanics by addressing limitations in strength, mobility, and/or running form
  • Identify faulty mechanics that may contribute to overuse injury or compromise running performance
  • Receive an individualized home exercise program

Running Mechanics Analysis:  Our expert staff will conduct an assessment with video to identify factors leading to performance deficits and injury risk in running.  

Running Basic Package:  Increase your knowledge of your running performance through a comprehensive baseline package. Services include running mechanics analysis with video, and a full metabolic profile including VO2 Max, lactate threshold, running economy, and metabolic efficiency. 

Running Elite Package: Take your running to the next level through a 4-service package to increase running performance and prevent injury. Services include: Running mechanics analysis with video, a full metabolic profile that includes measuring lactate threshold, VO2 Max, running economy, and metabolic efficiency, 1-on-1 training session to set up customized blueprint for strength training, and a consultation with a sports dietitian for fueling plans.


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2022 Pricing:  

Running Mechanics Analysis:  $314

Basic Running Package:  $700

Elite Running Package:  $1,125

Questions? Connect to our experts. sportsperformance@hss.edu

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