Scheduling Instrument Time

FACScan and FACSCalibur:

To sign up for time on the FACScan or FACSCalibur through the Internet, you need to obtain a USERNAME and PASSWORD from Sergei Rudchenko.

To reach the sign-up tables for these instruments, please click on the “SIGN UP” link at the end of this section. Alternatively, call 212.606.1925 or e-mail to reserve time.

Please allow sufficient time for instrument start-up (about ten minutes) and post-experiment instrument cleaning and data backup (usually about 20 minutes) when calculating your estimated usage. Please sign up only for the time you really need; all users will be billed for any time signed up for, regardless of whether the time was actually used. If you need to cancel or modify a scheduled run, please follow the instructions on the “SIGN UP” link.

When using the instruments, please carefully follow the posted basic preventive maintenance instructions. When you have completed your experiment, please remember to flush the instrument with 10% bleach and distilled water according to the posted directions. Each user should empty the waste tank and refill the sheath after use. Sheath fluid is provided by the Core. These directions must be followed, no matter how small your experiment. Following these simple maintenance instructions will greatly enhance day-to-day instrument performance and minimize downtime for servicing. Repeated failure to take care of the instrument in this manner will necessitate frequent replacement of the fluidic system, with resultant instrument downtime and increased user costs.

Monday mornings from 10:00 am to 12 noon are reserved by the Core Director for routine FACScan and FACSCalibur preventative maintenance. Please do not plan to use the instruments during this time.


Cell Sorting:

Experiments on the FACS Vantage SE generally require greater advance notice, as well as a preliminary meeting with Sergei Rudchenko, to plan the run. Please give at least two working days advance notice for scheduling FACS Vantage experiments. Sterile sorts on the Vantage require that the user provide 5 liters of sterile PBS the day before the sort for use as sheath fluid.