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Leaders in Orthopedics, Motion Analysis Technology Announce Collaboration to Increase Quality, Availability of Wellness Support

Integration of Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) expertise with Scientific Analytics’ FDA-cleared DARI system aims to provide consumers more reliable and actionable information about their musculoskeletal health.

New York, NY—April 3, 2019

Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) and Scientific Analytics Inc. (SAI) today announced a strategic collaboration to integrate HSS knowledge with SAI technology to improve the quality and action ability of motion analysis for patients.  

HSS is the world’s largest academic medical center focused on musculoskeletal health, and has been ranked #1 in Orthopedics for the past nine consecutive years by U.S. News & World Report. SAI’s DARI Motion technology, refined by more than 425 billion data points of human motion gathered across applications in athletics, military and healthcare, was last week awarded the FDA 510K medical device designation issued for their groundbreaking computer-vision technology.

The DARI system’s computer vision technology precisely measures human movement patterns at the point of care without requiring the subject to wear any sensors or special clothing. Knowledge and expertise in musculoskeletal health honed at HSS for more than 150 years combined with the DARI system already enables high quality individual assessment, guidance and prescription within minutes at HSS. Applications include injury prevention, performance improvement and wellness, as well as raising general awareness of how movement impacts one’s musculoskeletal health, supporting large employee and general populations nationwide. It is hoped that the collaboration’s planned integration of HSS knowledge into the DARI system will enable scalability and the ability to reach populations which would not otherwise receive these benefits today.

"This collaboration is an important new part of the musculoskeletal care ecosystem being created by HSS, to make better quality injury prevention and treatment more widely available," said Louis A. Shapiro, president and CEO of HSS.  "SAI’s state-of-the-art technology complements additions and advancements to our clinical talent, network of locations, digital offerings and education delivery."

"This emerging HSS ecosystem including the DARI platform will help set new standards in the quality and availability of musculoskeletal wellness, assessment devices, and solutions," said Shapiro.

"We are excited to work with HSS to advance new standards in motion health and disrupt areas of healthcare where we continue to build upon our innovation leadership – as indicated by the recent FDA clearance,"  commented Todd Gleason, President and CEO at Scientific Analytics.  

HSS and SAI have been working together since the first DARI installation at an HSS regional location nearly two years ago. The escalated collaboration announced today will include advancements to assessment protocols and data interpretation.

"This collaboration has the potential to democratize reliable standards for musculoskeletal wellness, akin to how the thermometer changed 'it’s cold' to 'it’s 30 degrees'," said Todd J. Albert, surgeon-in-chief and medical director at HSS.  “That would be good for everyone, and a good example of the far-reaching value of HSS knowledge."

Joel Hungate, Scientific Analytics’ Vice President of Orthopedic Programs sees DARI Motion Health and HSS revolutionizing the way the world addresses the emerging challenges of population-level musculoskeletal health:  "There has always been a massive unmet technological need in musculoskeletal healthcare for an accurate, scalable, repeatable, and objective way to quantify human movement and guide clinical decision-making at the point of care, and this was traditionally not feasible within the constraints of any given clinical workflow, until now".



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