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Metabolic Testing

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Metabolic testing at the HSS Sports Performance Center can help endurance athletes of all levels. Evaluate your current level of fitness and discover your potential for performance improvement.

Metabolic testing measures an athlete’s individual physiological response to exercise, including key physiological parameters such as VO2max, lactate threshold, and metabolic efficiency to identify individualized training zones and strategies for improvement. At HSS, we use a Parvo True One metabolic cart, the gold standard in metabolic testing.

Benefits include:

  • Establish baseline of your current level of fitness
  • Assess the effectiveness of your current training plan
  • Identify areas where performance gains are possible
  • Identify individualized target heart rate, pace, and power zones for training
  • Identify precise caloric expenditure at various exercise intensities, providing tools for fueling strategies

Type of Services

VO2 Max: A measure of maximum rate of oxygen consumption; an indication of your potential as an endurance athlete.

Lactate Threshold: Progressive exercise test to determine the point at which blood lactate levels rise exponentially. Lactate Threshold correlates reliably with maximum sustainable pace or power output and is a useful tool in determining individualized training zones and tracking metabolic adaptations to training.

Resting Metabolic Rate: A measure of the number of calories you burn in a rested, fasted state. Useful for determining daily caloric requirements and developing an individualized nutrition plan.

Metabolic Efficiency/ Caloric Expenditure Profile: Progressive exercise test to measure the number of calories burned as well as the breakdown of fat vs. carbohydrate utilization at different heart rates and intensities of exercise. Useful for establishing training zones and fueling strategies.

Wingate Power Testing: Measure of Anaerobic capacity, peak power and fatigue rate useful information for athletes competing in sports in which explosive power production counts.


Tisch Sports Performance Center
525 East 71st Street, Ground Floor

2022 Pricing

  • Resting Metabolic Rate: $141 
  • VO2 Max: $214 
  • Lactate Profile: $214 
  • Caloric Expenditure Profile: $215 
  • Metabolic Basic (VO2 Max, Lactate Threshold): $351 
  • Metabolic Advanced (VO2 Max, Lactate, & Efficiency): $421

Questions? Connect to our experts. sportsperformance@hss.edu