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Get Involved with LupusLine®

Jenny Lin

LupusLine® Peer Counselor of 14 years

When I began my training as a LupusLine® counselor, my intention was to help other lupus patients and their families. I wanted to let them know that they were not alone in facing this illness and that if they had any questions or needed help, they could turn to others. I met my expectations. But what came as a surprise to me, was how much I grew as a person and how my life was enriched by my callers, my fellow counselors, my manager, and the LupusLine® staff. Although I fully intended to support and empower others, I found myself in a community that supported and empowered me as well. more

Since it began, LupusLine® has received over 20,000 phone calls, offering understanding and insight to people with lupus and their loved ones from around the country. We are always seeking volunteers (ages 18 and older) to help our programs grow.  Participants find the training and volunteer experience extremely rewarding.

Before a volunteer becomes a peer counselor, they participate in an extensive training program. They will receive supervision in order to provide exceptional support, a listening ear, and help with problem solving all from the comfort of their own home.

If you live in the New York metropolitan area and would like to get involved we encourage you to contact the Program Manager at 212.606.1952.

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