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Inflammatory Arthritis Center

Inflammatory Arthritis Center

The physicians and other healthcare professionals at the Inflammatory Arthritis Center are committed to improving the lives of people with inflammatory arthritis through individualized, high-quality patient care; education services for patients, family, care givers, and policy makers; and clinical research initiatives designed to gain a better understanding of the causes of inflammatory arthritis and to bring new innovations to patient care. As an internationally recognized Center of Excellence, the IAC is also training the next generation of medical providers.

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Patient Care

Early diagnosis and treatment provides the best opportunity to control symptoms and help prevent debilitating long-term complications of inflammatory arthritis. However, all patients who have been living with inflammatory arthritis can benefit from newer therapies and interventions.

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Patient Education

Inflammatory arthritis includes a range of different conditions, all of which share a common feature: inflammation in the joints and elsewhere in the body that results from an overactive immune system. Understanding the basics about the disease can help patients, family members and caregivers become informed partners in patient care.

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The Division’s Early Arthritis Initiative (EAI) is committed to the education of the community, local physicians, and individual patients.


Early Arthritis Initiative

The HSS Early Arthritis Initiative connects patients quickly and efficiently with a rheumatologist who can evaluate their joint pain and get each patient started on an appropriate course of treatment.

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