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HSS Research Institute

Histopathology Services and Fee Schedule

Services Provided

  1. Fixation (EM-Fix; special order)
  2. Decalcification (EDTA as a default)
  3. Processing and Embedding for paraffin
  4. Paraffin sectioning
  5. Frozen Sections
  6. Routine Stains (H&E, Alcian Blue, Safranin-O, Massons Trichrome, Goldners Trichrome, Gram Stain, TRAP, Picrosirius Red)
  7. Immunohistochemistry
  8. Special Requests (IHC optimization/antibody validation, Deep cut, PMMA work)


Service Request and Billing Workflow

  1. Service Request: Users will email a “Service Request” form (see below), along with an Excel file indicating (1) sample identifier, (2) information indicating how the samples have been handled and processed, and (3) services requested to HistopathologyService@hss.edu
  2. Financial Approval: The Histopathology Service will e-mail the information provided by the user to Research Administration for financial approval.
  3. Project Description: Once approval is granted, the Histopathology Service will email the user a “Project Description”, including (1) project ID#, (2) services included, (3) estimated time, and (4) total costs
  4. Sample Submission: For sample submission, the user will print the “Project Description” form, have it signed by the PI and will bring the signed form along with the samples to the Histopathology Service (HSS Research Institute #201). Charges will be submitted upon completion of the work. Once the charges are submitted, the user will receive an email notifying that the project is ready and the samples are ready for pickup.

Fee Schedule (2018-2019)

Service Fee Schedule       PMMA Processing Fee Schedule

Internal users: a valid cost-center must be provided prior to the initiation of services. Services will not be provided without a valid cost center number.

External users: a valid method of payment (Purchase Order) must be provided prior to the initiation of services.

Service Request Forms: (HSS users) (non-HSS Academic) (non-HSS corporate)