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Ever wonder why you slice or draw a golf ball? Curious on how to adjust your game for your specific physiology? The HSS Golf Analysis is designed to do just that! Understanding your personal body mechanics, ball flight laws, and why the golf ball does what it does can greatly improve your game. 
The HSS Golf Analysis is a comprehensive assessment performed by a TPI certified instructor that aims to identify factors leading to performance deficits and injury risk in golfers of any age or skill level.

The HSS Golf Analysis includes:

  • Musculoskeletal screen and fitness assessment to identify any flexibility, stability, or strength limitations that may impact your golf swing
  • Swing analysis utilizing the Trackman system to collect insight on swing speed, launch data, and more 
  • Custom program design with exercises and drills to address body limitations, swing mechanics, and launch data
  • Option to return for one-on-one sessions with a hybrid approach of strength training and Trackman sessions

Benefits include:

  • Improved swing mechanics by addressing limitations in strength, mobility, and/or form
  • Identification of faulty mechanics that may contribute to an overuse injury or compromise your golf performance
  • Customization of an individualized home exercise program

HSS Golf Analysis: $230


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Golf Analysis Service Provided By

Jamie Osmak, CSCS, FRCms, TPI, USGTF
Exercise Physiology

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