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Children and Adolescent Hand and Arm (CHArm) Center

Children and Adolescent Hand and Arm (CHArm) Center

The Children and Adolescent Hand and Arm (CHArm) Center at HSS is a comprehensive resource facility dedicated to the treatment, research, and education of all children and adolescents.

All CHArm affiliates have presented their internationally renowned research in the treatment of upper extremity conditions.  Our multidisciplinary team of specialists provides care for children and adolescents with a variety of conditions including - but not limited to - orthopedic trauma and sports injuries, rheumatologic conditions, neurological disorders, congenital defects, and tumors.

The CHArm Center excels at the provision of quality care through both surgical and non-surgical interventions, and we are committed to increasing awareness about the treatment options available to families affected by hand and arm conditions.

The CHArm Center staff provides educational outreach programs to area schools, parents, athletic coaches, and healthcare workers.  By providing information about hand and arm safety and ways to avoid common upper extremity injuries, the CHArm Center hopes to decrease the number of accidental hand injuries in the pediatric and adolescent population.

The Center can be contacted via the toll-free number (1-888-CHArm40) or by email at charmcenter@hss.edu.