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Discoveries to Improve Lives

HSS Research Institute


Engineering advances in orthopedics

Biomechanical engineers see the musculoskeletal system as a finely tuned machine designed to provide the body with movement. HSS’s biomechanical engineers apply engineering principles to develop devices and instrumentation with the goal of solving orthopedic problems and improving patient care. Partnering with the Hospital’s orthopedic surgeons, the team has developed joint replacements for the hip, knee, ankle, shoulder, elbow, and wrist, as well as devices for enhancing spine fusion. In addition to customizing devices for HSS patients, the team designs implant systems that are licensed to orthopedic companies throughout the world.

knee implant

Department of Biomechanics
- Timothy Wright, PhD, Director; Suzanne Maher, PhD, Associate Director

The mission of the Department of Biomechanics is to apply principles of engineering and materials science to solve orthopedic problems by conducting basic and applied research that translates to the development of orthopedic devices and instrumentation aimed at improved patient care.