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Rehabilitation Manuals

The cover of the Telehealth Evaluation Guidelines book

HSS Rehabilitation Telehealth Evaluation Guidelines for Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy

Available now on Amazon. Providing care through telehealth requires a different set of skills that highlights therapists use of strong subjective questioning, a sound understanding of kinematics and movement patterns, and a systematic process that can differential diagnosis, treat, or refer as needed. It is challenging to conduct a thorough and objective telehealth evaluation due to the therapist’s inability to be hands on and provide tactile cues.

These guidelines were developed by physical therapists at Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS), the world's leading academic medical center focused on musculoskeletal health, and are designed to facilitate and establish best practices.


Cover of Smart Design: The Art of Splinting

Smart Design: The Art of Splinting

Splinting is an art and practice makes perfect! Created by the Hand Therapy Staff at HSS, this manual will provide you with step-by-step instructions for the fabrication of over 20 different splints. Patterns for each splint, as well as a list of material, diagnoses and helpful hints, are included for every set of instructions. Order Form for Smart Design: The Art of Splinting (pdf)


Cover of Thrower's Manual

Thrower's Manual

Based on the Thrower’s Performance Program at the HSS Sports Rehabilitation and Performance Center, this manual offers throwing athletes of all ages and skill levels the tools to build good technique and effective injury prevention. Developed from years of experience training athletes both on and off the field, the HSS Thrower’s Manual contains detailed, easy to follow exercises and helpful tips. Order Form for the Thrower's Manual (pdf)