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Photo of Dr. Manejías

Elizabeth M. Manejias, MD

Physiatry, Spine
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Photo of Dr. Manejías

Elizabeth M. Manejias, MD

Physiatry, Spine
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Hospital for Special Surgery
Integrative Care Center
635 Madison Avenue 5th Floor
New York, NY 10022

Tel: 212.224.7927
Fax: 212.224.7956
Hospital for Special Surgery
Integrative Care Center
635 Madison Avenue 5th Floor
New York, NY 10022

Tel: 212.224.7927
Fax: 212.224.7956

Dr. Elizabeth Manejías is a practicing physician and acupuncturist at Hospital for Special Surgery's Integrative Care Center. She is a board certified physiatrist in both Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Primary Care Sports Medicine. She specializes in the nonsurgical care of spine, musculoskeletal and neurological injuries, and offers an integrative approach to the management of conditions common in the athlete and performing artist. Certified in medical acupuncture, she integrates the use of acupuncture into the care of painful musculoskeletal conditions.

Dr. Manejías completed a fellowship at HSS in spine and sports medicine focusing in the specialized care of the performing artist from dancers to musicians. Professionally trained in ballet, Dr. Manejías is active in the performing arts community and provides educational lectures to dance programs on injuries and medical problems common in the female athlete. She provides medical coverage for dancers from Broadway to professional ballet.  She has trained with the pioneers in performing arts medicine at New York University's Harkness Center for Dance Injuries, the Miller Institute for Performing Artists, and HSS. Dr. Manejías is currently active in The Dance/USA Taskforce on Dancer Health working to provide standardized pre-season injury screening to dancers.

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Assistant Attending Physiatrist, Hospital for Special Surgery
Clinical Instructor, Weill Cornell Medical College



Primary Sports Medicine

Special Expertise

Medical Acupuncture
Joint/musculoskeletal Injections
Ultrasound Guided Injections
Spine and Sports Medicine
Dance Medicine
Performing Arts Medicine


Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections


International Association for Dance Medicine and Science
Performing Arts Medicine Association
American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
The American Academy of Medical Acupuncture
The Dance/USA Taskforce on Dancer Health



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As of December 03, 2019, Dr. Manejías reported no relationships with healthcare industry.

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MD, SUNY - State University of New York, Brooklyn, NY
Certified in Medical Acupuncture, UCLA/Helms Medical Institute Medical Acupuncture for Physicians


Chief Resident, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, New York Presbyterian Hospital


Spine and Sports Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College, Hospital for Special Surgery


Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation, Primary Care Sports Medicine

State Licensure

New York

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