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Banner image of the pediatric's nursing station.

Pediatrics at HSS

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Your Pediatric Visit

Choosing a pediatric hospital is a big decision. We’re here for you.

We understand that any time a child stays in the hospital – even just for one night – it can be challenging for the entire family. HSS is committed to preparing parents for this journey and supporting them every step of the way. Here at the Lerner Children's Pavilion, we assist families by:

  • arranging visits with our pediatric specialists including a dedicated pediatric e-mail address for questions and referrals.
  • facilitating communication between parents and their child’s medical caregivers
  • providing extensive educational tools, resources and condition-specific videos that prepare parents for their child’s surgery.

Your child's care is our priority. We partner with parents to ensure the best possible results for your child.

Video Guide to Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery

Location Information

The Lerner Children's Pavilion is located on the 5th floor and the Rehabilitation Center is located on the 9th floor of the main hospital. Every detail of the Lerner Children’s Pavilion was carefully and thoughtfully planned, reflecting the spirit of the children we serve and providing a healing, comfortable, and uplifting environment of care. Features include:

  • Private patient rooms with in-room accommodations for families
  • In-room, state-of-the-art medical technology and equipment
  • An expanded pediatric imaging suite, conveniently located within the facility
  • A dedicated nursing station with a direct view of every patient room
  • An activity room for patients and families
  • Exam rooms that allow the child to choose the color of one wall in the room during their visit

Explore the CA Technologies Rehabilitation Center at the Lerner Children's Pavilion with Chief Emeritus of Pediatric Orthopedics, Dr. Leon Root, as he takes you through the facility and explains all it has to offer:

Other Locations

HSS is committed to providing world-class pediatric musculoskeletal specialty care throughout the New York tristate area. Our pediatric specialists see patients at the following locations: