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HSS Osseointegration Limb Replacement Center

Regain Your Mobility and Independence

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After amputation, Emily had a very short residual femur which made wearing a prosthetic using a socket very difficult. Osseointegration was her best option.

As the No. 1 hospital for orthopedics and first hospital in the United States to use osseointegration for transtibial amputations, HSS is at the forefront of limb replacement surgery. Our fully integrated, specialized Osseointegration Limb Replacement Center offers personalized solutions and the most cutting-edge techniques for those who have had or need lower or upper limb amputation. 

HSS osseointegration surgeons are singularly focused on using their years of expertise to help amputees fully regain their ability to perform daily tasks, live life and be independent. Our mission is to be leaders in outstanding clinical care, patient and professional education, innovation, and research.

Elena is a purple heart veteran injured during the line of duty. She lived with chronic pain in her leg and foot until she was offered a different choice.

We view amputation as a reconstructive surgery designed to improve mobility and quality of life, not limit it. Osseointegration surgery involves a direct implant into the bone that will then connect to the prosthetic. This direct connection to the prosthetic improves mobility for amputees in many ways: no socket or socket issues, improved control of your limb, improved endurance and time using your prosthetic limb, and improved sensation and awareness of your limb.

Osseointegration can be performed in the lower body, for above knee or below knee amputations or in the upper body using patient-controlled robotic prosthetics. Most often, the procedure is a single surgery that will include the insertion of the implant, creation of the stoma or transcutaneous tunnel, and if needed, targeted muscle reinnervation (TMR) and soft tissue contouring surgery at once. We will convert your socket to an osseo-prosthetic or if needed, have a new prosthetic made in-house or by your local prosthetist.

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