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Mon – Fri: 7:00am – 7:00pm
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The Virginia F. and William R. Salomon Orthopedic Physical Therapy Center provides comprehensive and dynamic rehabilitative services to adult patients with musculoskeletal problems resulting from arthritis of the shoulders, hips, knees and spine. The Orthopedic Physical Therapy Center also specializes in rehabilitative services for individuals who have undergone total joint replacement surgery.

Through a team approach that focuses on the patient’s goals, the Orthopedic Physical Therapy Center's specially trained physical therapists develop individualized programs to help patients reach their maximum functional potential. They offer a broad spectrum of manual techniques in tandem with the most up-to-date therapeutic modalities, exercise equipment and treatment approaches.

Services at this Center

Preoperative Physical Therapy

The Orthopedic Physical Therapy Center offers a one-on-one preoperative physical therapy (PT) education session to individuals undergoing a hip or knee joint replacement surgery. During this preoperative PT education session you will spend one-on-one time with a physical therapist who specializes in joint replacement rehabilitation to learn and practice your surgeon specific post-surgical activities such as any applicable precautions, exercises, getting on and off a bed/chair/toilet, how to walk with a cane or walker, and negotiate stairs. In addition to the preoperative PT education session, we recommend that you review the appropriate surgery-specific rehabilitation guide several times in order to reinforce the information and optimize your preparedness for activity after surgery.

How do I schedule a preoperative PT visit?

  • Call your surgeon’s office to request a PT referral
  • Call the Outpatient Physical Therapy Center at 212.606.1213 to schedule the appointment. We recommend you try to schedule it to be on the same day as your presurgical screening.

Ergonomic Evaluations

Setup your workstation in a way that works for you. The Orthopedic Physical Therapy Center offers ergonomic evaluations to help you optimize the fit of your workstation and improve your workspace. Our specially trained therapists have completed the Matheson Ergonomic Certification Program, a leading organization in the field of occupational rehabilitation.

The ergonomic evaluation includes:

  • Individualized musculoskeletal evaluations
  • Analysis of your current workstation setup (through photos and/or video)
  • Individual exercise programs
  • Recommendations and strategies for proper body mechanics and workstation layout

Nutrition Services

Work with Jason Machowsky, board certified sports dietitian, registered dietitian/nutritionist, and certified wellness coach, to create your personal nutrition action plan. Some common reasons to see a dietitian include:

  • Maintaining bone health
  • Pre- and/or postoperative weight management
  • Anti-inflammatory nutrition to promote recovery or overall wellness
    • Anti-inflammatory nutrition is the selection of foods that contain nutrients associated with reduced  levels of inflammation and improved recovery, and minimizing foods that are associated with increased levels of inflammation in the body.
  • Dealing with gastrointestinal symptoms (often coordinated with a physician)


One-on-One Fitness

Keep the momentum going after you've completed your physical therapy. Work one-on-one with a qualified fitness professional right here at the Orthopedic Physical Therapy Center to increase your confidence in performing daily activities, improve joint stability and flexibility, increase strength, and lose inches. Our unique exercise program allows you to progress at your own pace in a safe, secure environment.

Direct Access Physical Therapy

Physical therapy appointments without a prescription.

Learn more about Direct Access PT.

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