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Our Sole Focus Is Hip and Knee Replacement


As the top-ranked hospital for orthopedics in the nation, HSS provides leading-edge care to the nearly 11,000 people who have surgery with one of our experts each year. Our exceptional patient care, rigorous infection prevention measures and pioneering research help ensure our patients have a safe and smooth recovery so they can get back to doing the things they love.

A Comprehensive Team Approach

HSS is home to a team of experts who specialize in caring for people with advanced osteoarthritis and other conditions requiring joint replacement. This includes hip and knee surgeons, anesthesiologists, radiologists, pain management experts, rehabilitation therapists, physician assistants and highly trained nurses.

Having experts from across these disciplines ensures that your treatment plan is coordinated and comprehensive. The team communicates regularly to review your progress, which helps ensure the most seamless and personalized experience possible from diagnosis to recovery.

Because the number of people we treat in a year is among the highest in the United States, more than three times the next closest hospital, our care teams have a very high level of specialization. Many of our doctors and other specialists are recognized nationally and internationally for advances they’ve pioneered in the field of joint replacement.

Team Approach



Surgical Expertise

HSS joint replacement surgeons are not just experts in orthopedic procedures; they are focused exclusively on hip and knee joint replacement. Whether you are a weekend warrior or someone with more complicated care needs, our surgeons take the time to understand your goals and medical history so they can guide you to the most appropriate care to meet your needs—even when that means no surgery at all.

For those who require surgical care, we strive to match you with the best approach and an implant design that suits your exact condition and your individual body mechanics. Our infection and readmission rates are much lower than the state average, while our satisfaction rankings rise well above the rest


Common surgeries that we perform include total knee replacement, partial knee replacement, outpatient or same-day knee replacement, total hip replacement, hip resurfacing, same-day hip replacement, knee revision surgery and hip revision surgery. Those with more complex needs may benefit from being seen by our Complex Joint and Reconstruction Center.


Research and Innovation

The first modern knee replacement was pioneered at HSS, and we’ve continued to lead the world in research and innovation ever since. People who come to HSS for joint replacement benefit from our relentless focus on moving the field forward. We are constantly looking for new ways to improve our care – whether that’s through more precise surgical techniques, personalized implants or new techniques that can fight infection and ensure a safe recovery.

And while we may be at the forefront of science and technology, we always take a balanced approach, understanding that the best treatment is the one that is right for the individual.



Reliable Results

Many people decide to have a joint replacement because they are in pain or have lost the ability to do the things they need and love to do. At HSS, we believe it’s important to measure how well we achieve these results for patients so that we continually improve our care. In fact, the data show that the overwhelming majority of our patients show dramatic improvement after either hip or knee surgery with one of our surgeons.

Learn more about our results for the following procedures:


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