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HSS Health Connection

For more than 20 years, HSS has published Health Connection, which provides practical information to help people prevent and manage muscle and bone conditions and improve overall health. Issues are available in English and Spanish.

Quarterly, we issue Health Connection Fast Facts, a series of concise articles that keep you up to date on the latest health trends. View our Fast Facts in the tab below.


Current Issue: Movement is Medicine

Regular physical activity, or any bodily movement that involves your muscles and expends energy, has immense benefits. It contributes positively to the health and efficiency of our muscles, bones and joints, as well as to our respiratory and cardiovascular health, and prevents injury.

Woman swimming in pool

In this issue, our rehabilitation specialists cover why movement is so important, how physical activity can relieve pain and how bringing awareness to our movement can prevent injury.

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Past Issues of Health Connection

Previous issues are in PDF and were made for mainly print distribution prior to 2020.

For more information, please contact us at communityed@hss.edu.

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