Academic Visitor Program

The Academic Visitor Program coordinates observerships at Hospital for Special Surgery for physicians, students, and allied health care professionals.

Our mission is to enhance Academic Visitors' knowledge and understanding of musculoskeletal health and high-quality patient care.

Observerships are informal, non-accredited visits, designed for individuals wishing to observe surgical and clinical care at HSS. Observerships range from one day to two months and are largely structured according to the desires of the visitor and hosting physician.

The Academic Visitor Program allows participants to:

  • Network with top-tier professionals in the field of musculoskeletal health.
  • Observe modern operating room technology and state-of the-art patient care settings
  • Access to Kim Barrett Memorial Library (Opened Monday through Friday from 9 am – 5 pm.)  [Email * Research * Photocopy * Computer/Workstation * CDs * DVDs * Periodicals * Journals]
  • Attend and use a variety of on-site professional education activities and facilities, including:
    • Grand Rounds / Journal Club / Conferences [Adult Reconstruction & Joint Replacement * Anesthesiology * Foot & Ankle * Hand & Upper Extremity * Limb Lengthening & Complex Reconstruction * Metabolic Bone * Neurology * New York Bone Pathology * Pediatric Orthopaedics * Perioperative Medicine * Physiatry * Radiology & Imaging * Rheumatic Diseases * Rheumatology * Spine * Surgical Arthritis]
    • Professional Education Programs
    • Visiting Professional Lecture Series

Due to a growing number of requests, applications are only accepted from individuals with a confirmed HSS host. To apply to the Academic Visitor Program, first secure a Host. Have your Host complete, sign, and return the Host Form to the Education Division. When we receive your approved Host Form, an application will be emailed to you. Please continue to the Academic Visitor Program guidelines to learn more information.

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At this time the following areas are unable to accept Academic Visitors: