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The Role of the Healthcare Team in Responding to Domestic Violence: Being a Bridge to Services and Safety

A Presentation in Honor of National Professional Social Work Month, 2012

People experiencing domestic violence often endure the abuse in silence, kept quiet by shame and fear of the consequences revealing this information could bring upon the family. Yet health care settings, hospitals in particular, have remarkable and frequent access to even the most isolated victims of abuse.

While there have been tremendous advances in the availability of domestic violence services, many victims would benefit from enhanced access to these services.

This presentation begins by describing the different experiences of abuse, as well as the many factors victims consider in deciding to seek help. This is followed by a presentation of effective assessment approaches, and optimal ways by which to facilitate the linkage with domestic violence services and assistance.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify what comprises domestic violence, including the different forms of abuse and tactics.
  • Provide information regarding the prevalence of abuse and its risk factors.
  • Learn to assess for abuse and understand barriers victims face in disclosing abuse experiences.
  • Gain the skills and resources to respond effectively to disclosures of abuse among patients.

About Stavroula Kyriakakis, BS, MDW, PhD
Dr. Kyriakakis is an Assistant Professor at Adelphi University School of Social Work. Her area of research is intimate partner violence in immigrant communities, with special emphasis on the experiences and social service needs of Latinas. She is also interested in trauma and the role of culture in its manifestation and treatment. Prior to earning her PhD, Dr. Kyriakakis served as the Director of Crisis Services for Sanctuary for Families, a domestic violence program in New York City providing counseling, shelter, and legal services to women and their children.


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Stavroula Kyriakakis, BS, MSW, PhD
Assistant Professor at Adelphi University School of Social Work

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