Hip/Femoral Anteversion

Version refers to the angle of femoral neck in relationship to the shaft of the femur. Extreme excessive version may require surgical correction, such as a procedure known as an osteotomy, which involves breaking and realigning the femur.

Femoral anteversion is a condition in which the femoral neck is excessively rotated forward on the femoral shaft. Excessive anteversion overloads the anterior structures of the hip joint, including the labrum and capsule, and can cause snapping.


Excessive femoral anteversion;
On the left; position of the anteverted femoral head with the foot straight.
In this position, the head subluxes out the front of the joint.
On the right; most patients with hip anteversion compensate by walking with an in-toeing gait to better contain the femoral head within the acetabulum and to minimize pain.


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