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Hospital for Special Surgery is the Official Hospital of the New York Giants and multiple other professional and collegiate sports teams in the New York area. Our physicians have served as team doctors for the Giants for over 30 years and can be found on the sidelines at every game.

HSS was an Official Health Services Provider for the NY/NJ Super Bowl XLVIII Host Committee and HSS physicians were on hand to provide expert orthopedic care to the New York Giants. They also worked to ensure that any medical and emergency needs were met during Super Bowl week activities, and that volunteers, staff and fans stayed healthy and safe during the Super Bowl.

As a patient at HSS, you can be assured that your football injury will be treated by doctors and therapists who are on the field and at the top of their game.

HSS Super Bowl Host Committee

Football injuries

As a contact sport, football combines repetitive running, pivoting and kicking with impact, which eventually leads to multiple types of sports injuries. While these injuries can affect any part of an athlete‚Äôs body, two common areas of concern include the head and knee.

  • Concussions for example, are commonly seen in high-collision sports like football, rugby and hockey. While wearing properly fitted protective equipment helps to reduce the risk of a concussion, forceful falls, tackles, kicks, checks or other forms of contact can still cause trauma to the head. Although this type of injury requires initial medical intervention, rest and time (in addition to any instructions from a doctor) is usually what it takes to recover.
  • Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries can result from a direct hit to the knee or from repeated running, jumping, pivoting or other high-impact movements. Physical therapy and rehabilitation are recommended for this type of knee damage. An prevention program to help support recovery or risk prevention may also be considered. For ACL tears combined with other knee injuries, surgery is often advised.

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HSS has a rich history in treating football players, from high school players to professionals. Below please find articles and videos related to injuries and conditions affecting football players.

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