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  • Charla de Lupus Teens
  • Charla de Lupus Teens

Charla Teen, Young Adult & Parent Support Group

Do you want to meet other teens or young adults with lupus? Please join us at our monthly support & education group.

The purpose of the Charla Teen, Young Adult and Parent Support Group is to provide a safe and comfortable space to allow teenagers and young adults with lupus, and their parents, to share their thoughts, issues and concerns related to managing lupus. At the same time, participants receive support and education that can help them to better cope with lupus.

We accomplish this through:

  • Facilitating informal group discussions on relevant topics to group members.
  • Providing educational opportunities for members to learn about their lupus through guest speakers and presentations.
  • Assisting with developing coping skills.
  • Fostering an informal environment where teens with lupus can support, share their stories and socialize with each other.
  • Charla’s monthly groups are conducted in English and Spanish: See our event calendar 
  • Meetings are facilitated by Charla Program Manager, Program Coordinator and Program Associates.
  • Meetings alternate between HSS and Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital of New York-Presbyterian.

At right, please see our award-winning booklet for adolescents with lupus: For Inquiring Teens with Lupus. Written by a young woman diagnosed with lupus as a teen, it provides lupus information and resources for the teen community.

Lupus Tips

The following tips were created by teens/young adults with lupus and their caregivers. These tips are intended to provide general advice on coping with lupus for those affected as well as their caregivers and loved ones.