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The research division is fundamental to the Department of Anesthesiology’s mission to advance the field of regional anesthesia through discovery and innovation. Led by Jaques YaDeau, PhD, MD, the research division is dedicated to gaining a better understanding of how to best use anesthetics and analgesics to provide optimal care to our patients.

The key to the success of our research division is our multi-disciplinary collaborations within HSS and beyond. We have successfully partnered with our surgeon co-investigators through research initiatives of the Anesthesia/ARJR Research Collaboration as well as with surgeons in the Foot and Ankle and Spine Services.

We maintain formal collaborations with HSS Epidemiology and Biostatistics Core and Division of Biostatistics and Epidemiology of the Department of Public Health, Weill Cornell Medical College, which provide us with expert statistical, methodological, and epidemiological support for all aspects of research.

Led by Assistant Director of Research, Denesy Mancenido, our dedicated team of research staff aids in conducting studies of varying protocol designs such as randomized controlled trials, registries, and observational studies.

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