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From its inception in 1863 to today, HSS has been the global authority on musculoskeletal health. As a pioneer in orthopedics and sports medicine, we are the world’s leading institution that focuses on medical research, education and healthcare in the world of professional sports. After decades of working with players, teams, agents and families, we know what it takes to treat athletes across the spectrum of organized athletics.

Over 400+
professional athlete
patients a year
Athletes from 80
different professional teams
Players from over 50%
of all major league teams

The HSS Center for Professional Sports Medicine brings together leading experts in orthopedics, sports medicine and related specialties to provide excellent care in a highly collaborative manner. These healthcare professionals learn from one another to refine and redefine the standards for best practices in professional sports medicine. They lead the field of sports research and scientific innovation, and help development of future leaders nationally and across the globe.

The Center provides care for numerous top athletes directly through official relationships between HSS and professional sports organizations. In addition, HSS and HSS-trained doctors treat many more professional athletes—by way of referral from other physicians due to our exceptional reputation, as well as through the large number of sports medicine physicians around the globe who did their medical fellowships at HSS.  In fact, one quarter of the professional athletic teams in the US have an HSS-trained physician on their medical staff.

HSS is proud to care for a number of professional sports teams including the New York Mets, Giants, Red Bulls, and Liberty. See all of our teams here.