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Pediatrics at HSS

HSS Pediatric Fracture and Injury Hotline - logo image

HSS Pediatric Fracture and Injury Hotline

1.877.HSS.1KID (or 1.877.477.1543)

Hospital for Special Surgery is pleased to announce the newly established HSS Pediatric Fracture and Injury Hotline. This service offers patients 24-hour pediatric orthopedic care under the direct supervision of HSS pediatric orthopedic nurses, anesthesiologists, and therapists in conjunction with pediatric orthopedic surgeons.

Each HSS orthopedic surgeon is fellowship-trained in pediatric orthopedic surgery and board certified with particular interest and expertise in pediatric orthopedic trauma and fracture care. They also retain admitting privileges at both Hospital for Special Surgery and at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital. The staff at HSS use lightweight waterproof casting materials and the newest and safest techniques in regional anesthesia.

When you call the HSS Pediatric Fracture and Injury Hotline, the staff will expeditiously coordinate the care of you, your child, or your patient. Utilizing the resources of the Pediatric Orthopedic Ambulatory Care Center at Hospital for Special Surgery (535 East 70th Street) and of NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital (Emergency Room at 625 East 68th street), we provide urgent and emergent orthopedic care for pediatric patients. NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital also offers a specialized pediatric emergency facility and our pediatric orthopedic surgeons treats all major, high-energy pediatric orthopedic trauma cases originating there.    

The HSS Pediatric Fracture and Injury Hotline sets the standard for pediatric fracture, ambulatory, and emergent care. Contact us directly, toll free, at 1.877.HSS.1KID (or 1.877.477.1543) for questions, consultation, or transfer of patients.