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Scleroderma, Vasculitis and Myositis Center Rheumatologists

Faculty and Staff

SVM Center Dermatologist:

  • Horatio F. Wildman, MD

SVM Center Director of Operations:

  • Elizabeth Soto-Cardona, MPH

Administrative Assistants:

  • Dorcas McRae

Clinical Research Staff:

  • Mia Diaz
  • Ryan Heise
  • Liza Morales

Social Work Staff:


Contact Us

For Research Inquiries:

Mia Diaz, BA – Research Assistant
Email: diazmia@hss.edu

Ryan Heise, BS – Research Assistant
Email: heiser@hss.edu

Liza Morales, BA-Research Coordinator
TEL 212.774.2561
Email: moralesli@hss.edu

For Physician Inquiries:

Elizabeth Soto-Cardona, MPH
Email: sotoe@hss.edu
Jessica Gordon, MD: 212.606.1173
Robert Spiera, MD: 212.774.2048
Lindsay Lally, MD: 212.774.2434
Kimberly Showalter, MD: 212.606.1124
David Fernandez, MD: 212.774.7016

For Social Work Services:

Mary Carey
Senior Social Work Manager, Rheumatology
Email: careyma@hss.edu

Mailing Address:

Attn: Elizabeth Soto-Cardona
Hospital for Special Surgery
525 East 71 Street
7th Floor
New York, NY 10021


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