Joel M. Press, MD

Dr. Joel Press is the Chairman of the Department of Physiatry and Physiatrist-in-Chief at Hospital for Special Surgery as of September 2016.

He comes to HSS from the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC), where he has served as the Founder and Medical Director of its Spine & Sports Rehabilitation Center since 1988. Dr. Press specializes in and frequently lectures internationally on the rehabilitation of spine and sports-related injuries and conditions.


Physiatrist-in-Chief, Hospital for Special Surgery
Attending Physiatrist, Hospital for Special Surgery


Special Expertise

Sports Medicine, Spine Disorders


Visiting Professor, Medical College of Wisconsin, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. April 6, 2007
John McCulloch Memorial Lecturer, Denver Spine Institute, Winter conference 2008, Breckenridge, Colorado, Feb. 22-23, 2008
Dr. Michael DeSilva Memorial Lecture. Medical Association of Jamaica. Kingston, Jamaica. June 7, 2009
Lambert Lecture, American Association of Neuromuscular and Electrodiagnostic Medicine, October 8, 2009, San Diego, California
Patricia C. Gregory, M.D. Memorial Lecture in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, University of North Carolina, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. June 10, 2011, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Singapore Ministry of Health Honorary Visiting Expert in Rehabilitation Medicine (Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation), January7-13, 2013. Singapore.
Scott Nadler/ PASSOR Legacy Award and Lecture, American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Washington, D.C., October 4, 2013
Gregory E. Lutz, M.D., Visiting Professor for Physiatry. Hospital for Special Surgery, New York City, New York, September 18, 2015

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MD, University of Illinois College of Medicine, Chicago, IL


Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago, IL


Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, Northwestern University Medical School, Chicago, IL


American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
American Board of Electrodiagnostic Medicine
Sports Medicine Board Certificatio

State Licensure

Illinois, New York

Selected Publications

Tsai LC, Lee SJ, Yang, A, Ren Y, Gaiger F, Chang AHI, Press JM, Zhang LQ. Effectiveness of Off Axis Training on Improving Knee Function in Individuals with Patellofemoral Pain. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 10/2012; 93(10)e 13

Press J, Liem B, Walega D, Garfin S. Survey of Inspection and Palpation Rates Among Spine Providers. Spine38(20)1779-1784. 2013

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Press JM. Lessons learned from leadership. PM&R 2014 Feb;6(2):107-109

Mayer EK, Ihm JM, Sibell DM, Press JM, Kennedy DJ. ACGME sports, ACGME pain or non-ACGME sports and spine: which is the ideal fellowship training for PM&R physicians interested in musculoskeletal medicine?  PM&R 2013 Aug;5(8):718-23

Tsai LC, Lee SJ, Yang AJ, Ren Y, Press JM, Zhang LQ. "Effects of Off-Axis Elliptical Training on Reducing Pain and Improving Knee Function in Individuals with Patellofemoral Pain." Clin J Sports Med 2015 Nov;25(6):487-93

Lin CY, Tsai LC, Press JM, Ren Y, Chung SG, Zhang LQ. Lower Limb Muscle Activation Patterns During Off-Axis Elliptical Compared to Conventional Gluteal Muscle Strengthening Exercises. J Sports Rehabil 2015, May 6

McCormick Z, Cushman D, Caldwell M, Marshall B, Ghannad, Eng C, Patel J, Makovitch S, Chu SK, Babu AN, Walega DR, Marciniak C, Press J, Kennedy DJ, Plastaras C. J Nat Sci 2015 Aug;1(8) pii: e140

Uddin OM, Haque R, Sugrue PA, Ahmed YM, El Ahmadieh TY, Press JM, Koski T, Fessler RG. "Cost minimization in treatment of adult degenerative scoliosis. J Neurosurg Spine 2015 Dec;23(6):798-806

Plastaras C, McCormick Z, Nguyen C, Rho M, Nack SH, Roth D, Casey E, Carniero K, Cucchiara A, Press J, McLean J, Caldera F. Is Hip Abduction Strength Asymmetry Present in Female Runners in the Early Stages of Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome? Am J Sports Med 2016 Jan;44(1):105-12

For more publications, please see the PubMed listing.

Selected Books/Chapters

Press JM, Plastaras CT, Wiesner SL. Physical Modalities and Pain Management. In: Rehabilitation of Sports Injuries: Scientific Basis. Frontera, Walter (ed). Blackwell Publishing 2002 pp. 204-232

Press JM, Young JL. Electrodiagnositic Medicine. In: Low Back Pain Handbook: A Guide for the Practicing Clinician, eds. Cole and Herring, 2nd Edition, Hanley and Belfus, Philadelphia. pages. 263-277, 2003

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Kennedy DJ, Visco CJ, Press JM. Functional Rehabilitation of Painful Cervical Spine Disorders. 01/2011 pages 433-442ISBN: 978; 1-933864-71-6

Selected Presentations

Rehabilitation of Musculoskeletal and Sports Injuries, Uludag University Medical Center, Department of Sports Rehabilitation, Bursa, Turkey, October 10, 1995

Evidence Based Approach to Non-Operative Treatment of Low Back Pain. National Seoul University Hospital, Seoul, Korea,March 23, 2005

"The Kinetic Chain Examination and Case Presentations: A Workshop" England Institute of Sports Performance Center,Loughborough, England, February 8, 2006.

"Evaluation of Musculoskeletal Disorders"" Ironman Sports Medicine Conference, Kona, Hawaii. Oct 5, 2008

"Core Strength Training" – Does it Work? Trans-Act/ American College of Sports Medicine International Team Physician Course, Johannesburg, South Africa Feb 12-16, 2009

"Cervical Spine Rehabilitation" Medical Association of Jamaica, Annual Meeting, Kingston, Jamaica, June 6, 2009

"What is the Role of Exercise in Low Back Pain" Grand Rounds, Department of Rheumatology, Feinberg/Northwestern School of Medicine, Northwestern University, Chicago, Illinois Sept. 8, 2011

"The Role of Psychological and Mechanical Factors as Outcome Predictors for Low Back Pain" North American Spine Society, 27th Annual Meeting, Dallas, Texas, October 26, 2012

"The Cost of Low Back Pain" Singapore Ministry of Health Honorary Visiting Expert in Rehabilitation Medicine(Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation), January 10, 2013. Singapore

"Clinical Pearls in Back and Neck Pain" Singapore Ministry of Health Honorary Visiting Expert in Rehabilitation Medicine(Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation), January 10, 2013. Singapore

Research Description

Assessment of a novel pivoting/sliding elliptical machine for training subjects to improve neuromuscular control performance in the off-axes in patients with musculoskeletal disorders.

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