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Physiatry: Spine and Sports Medicine Fellowship

Duration: 1 year (August 1 - July 31)
Stipend: $80,222 (2016/17) per annum/benefits (subsidized housing also available)
Location: Hospital for Special Surgery

Goals and Characteristics
The program, designed for four fellows each year, is flexible to allow for individual interests and needs. The fellowship focuses on a comprehensive, non-surgical approach to conditions and diseases that affect the musculoskeletal system.

Each fellow will be required to integrate the history, physical examination, and radiographic findings into a comprehensive non-surgical approach to the patient. Our fellows build skills and knowledge of the indications and techniques for advanced physiatric care of musculoskeletal injuries. They will be exposed to both the common and uncommon peripheral nerve and brachial plexus disorders/injuries and participate in the electrodiagnostics performed. In addition they will learn to perform a wide array of interventional procedures, including lumbar epidural injections, facet injections, facet cyst aspirations and ruptures, selective nerve root injections (SNRI), Radio Frequency (RF) Lesioning, lumbar discography, lumbar IDET, intra-articular hip and shoulder injections. Additional training for cervical spine procedures (e.g. epidurals and facet injections) is also provided.

In the course of fellowship training, there will be optional rotations with spine/musculoskeletal radiologists, spine surgeons, and sports orthopedists. Fellows will attend a weekly lecture series run by the attendings and fellows. In addition, there are Physiatry Grand Rounds and the option to attend weekly conferences in sports, spine, arthroplasty, radiology, foot & ankle and hand. This breath of topics cannot be replicated anywhere.   All of our physicians are fellowship-trained, with the majority in interventional spine, and we perform our procedures in the operating room of our hospital. The emphasis of the program is to develop future leaders in interventional physiatry. To that goal, the fellow will be involved with all facets of physiatric medicine to design proper treatments that reflect the department philosophy of aggressive diagnosis and conservative treatment. The Physiatry Department will also provide funds to attend a national conference within our area of study.

For more information, please contact Victoria Guerrero by phone at 212.774.2131 or via email at

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