Pathology and Laboratory Medicine for Professionals

Cases for Consultation

We cheerfully provide consultative services for pathologists needing an expert opinion, or for orthopedic surgeons or their patients seeking a second opinion. In order to provide this service, we need to have histologic sections with corresponding pathology reports sent to us, preferably with an adequate clinical history and relevant imaging studies. If you cannot provide us with the imaging studies, keep in mind that the information you will derive from us will be limited and incomplete. If you have the ability to determine that the radiographic studies are irrelevant to the diagnosis and don’t send them for that reason, then there was no need for you to be consulting us; we should be consulting you!

When we receive a consultation case, every effort is made to review it and make a diagnosis in real time. If you provide us with a telephone number, one of our physicians may even be able to phone you with an opinion prior to constructing a formal report. Please be sure to provide a fax number and we can get a copy of the actual report to you long before the mail can do the same.

In selected cases, we may ask to keep a section or a recut of a section; this is when a particular case has teaching interest. If you permit us to use such a case for a teaching file, its demographics will be anonymized.

You may address a consultation to any of us individually or in care of the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. Please make it known if you want a specific professional to examine your case.