Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Faculty and Staff

Attending Staff


  • Ms. Stephanie Lovece
    Assistant Vice President 
  • Mr. Deoraj (Kumar) Adeen-Flood
    Laboratory Manager-Chemistry and Hematology
  • Ms. Lynne Diven
    Associate Director
  • Ms. Dharshini Anderson
    Manager, Informatics and QA
  • Ms. Sunita Singh
    Computer Coordinator 

Laboratory Supervisors

  • Ms. Kethel Allen/Blood Bank
  • Mr. Mathew Kompancaril/Clinical Chemistry
  • Ms. Anca Pascu/Histopathology
  • Ms. Berta Spicyn/Clinical Immunology
  • Mr. Christopher Burks/Microbiology 

Venipuncture Coordinator

  • Mr. Elvedin Julevic/Venipuncture/Central Accession
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