Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Faculty and Staff

Our faculty and staff are among the most specialized in their field and recognized for their academic, research and education efforts both locally and internationally. 

Attending Staff

Research Pathologist

  • Tania Pannellini, MD, PhD

Lab Administration

  • Ms. Stephanie Lovece
    Vice President
  • Ms. Lynne Diven
    Associate Director
  • Mr. Ahmed Ismail
    Manager, Informatics and QA

Laboratory Supervisors

  • Mr. Richie Seeratan/Blood Bank
  • Mr. Mathew Kompancaril/Clinical Chemistry
  • Ms. Anca Pascu/Histopathology
  • Ms. Berta Spicyn/Clinical Immunology
  • Mr. Elvedin Julevic/Venipuncture/Central Accession