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HSS Patient Lauren Procaccino



I am thankful every day for
being given the opportunity
to compete and simply walk
without pain daily.

- Lauren Procaccino

Hip Preservation Service

Specialists and researchers are leading the way in diagnosis and treatment of hip disorders that will relieve and preserve.

The Hip Preservation Service brings together the expertise and experience of various specialists who are focused on providing joint-preserving treatment options to young, active adult patients suffering from hip pain to restore a high level of function. Historically, these patients might have been previously misdiagnosed or tolerated unrecognized symptoms, resulting in further deterioration of the hip joint.

As our understanding of structural abnormalities in the hip has increased, our specialists have been able to better identify underlying conditions in earlier stages, providing patients with more treatment options that help to preserve the integrity of the hip joint, including both arthroscopic and open surgical techniques.

For more information, please visit the Center for Hip Preservation.

The goal of the Hip Preservation Fellowship is to offer the fellow clinical experience in the recognition and management of hip pain in the young, active adult hip. In addition to providing clinical opportunities in outpatient settings, the program is also designed so that the fellow will have an active and broad surgical experience, including arthroscopic procedures of the hip, complex hip and pelvis osteotomies, and open surgical dislocations of the hip. The fellow will also interact with other members of the care team, including radiologists, physiatrists, physical therapists, and researchers. This multidisciplinary approach allows the fellow to broaden his or her knowledge base in a wide range of hip conditions and their respective treatment protocols.

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