Foot and Ankle Service

Foot and Ankle Service

Foot and Ankle Service

Complex, constantly impacted, rugged, yet intricately balanced, feet and ankles are some of the most frequently injured areas of the human body, and unfortunately, some of the most frequently misunderstood and misdiagnosed. The Foot & Ankle Service at HSS leads a multi-disciplined approach to expertly treat the broad range of foot and ankle conditions that can occur at any stage of life, from newborn to teen years and from active adults to seniors.

Conditions We Treat

One step in allaying concern is to try and become more familiar with your condition and treatment options. At HSS, our team believes in educating our patients about their conditions.


Preparing for Surgery

Preparing patients who plan to undergo surgery and the subsequent care after surgery.


Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is essential to recovery.



Our physicians are involved in investigating new techniques to improve outcomes.


Orthotics and Shoes

Information on what's available.


For Professionals

Learn about our fellowship program.


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