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Lupus Researchers try to Corner a Puzzling Prey

Chicago Tribune—June 19, 2015

The Chicago Tribune reports on recent questions associated with treating lupus, an autoimmune disease that currently does not have a cure. The article reports that a person suffering from lupus may experience swelling and pain in the joints (arthritis), fatigue, pain and skin rashes from exposure to sun, among other symptoms. Lupus is also more prevalent in women than in men with most being diagnosed in their 20s or 30s.

The earlier a lupus diagnosis is made, the better the chance for the disease to be controlled with medication, said Theresa Lu, MD, PhD, a pediatric rheumatologist who conducts lupus research at Hospital for Special Surgery in New York. Because lupus symptoms vary from person to person, medication is individualized, she added, and patients may be on medication for years.

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