iRHOM2 is a critical pathogenic mediator of inflammatory arthritis—January 25, 2013


Jane Salmon, Carl Blobel, Priya Darshinee Issuree, and Thorsten Maretzky of Hospital for Special Surgery discuss the role of iRHOM2 in inflammatory arthritis.


• TNF-α has been implicated in the pathology of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and other inflammatory diseases. RA patients are currently treated with TNF inhibitors, but these therapeutics have many deleterious side effects.

• iRHOM2 regulates the maturation of TACE, and enzyme that cleaves and releases TNF-α from the surface of myeloid cells that mediate inflammation during arthritis.

• Inactivation of the gene that encodes iRHOM2 (Rhbdf2) protects mice from inflammatory arthritis.

• These findings suggest that iRHOM2 could be a suitable therapeutic target for the treatment of RA.

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Read the news release describing the study that was published Feb. 1 in the Journal of Clinical Investigation.


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